Individual Products and Services

While a fee-based financial plan might be the right thing for some, it’s not for everyone. Sometimes, clients only have a need for an individual product or service.   

We offer an array of investment and insurance products and services:



Investments – Having your assets in the right type of portfolio, with the proper allocation, can be a very important.  Let us review your current account and help determine if you’re on the right track or could use some guidance.   Our options vary depending on the account. 

    1. Account Types:  Brokerage, Advisory, IRA (Traditional, Rollover, Roth, etc.)
    2. Investment Options:  Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, Annuities (Fixed, Indexed, Variable), ETF’s, SMA’s and even CD’s.



  1. Life Insurance – Proper coverage can provide the peace of mind that your family and debts are covered in the event of an unexpected death.  Finding the right type and amount of life insurance sometimes can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.  We offer:
    1. Term Life Insurance,
    2. Whole Life Insurance,
    3. Universal Life Insurance,
    4. Indexed Universal Life
    5. Variable Life Insurance
  2. Disability Insurance – In the event you become sick, hurt, or injured and are unable to work, the right disability income policy can help cover your expenses (Mortgage, utilities, groceries, etc.) while you are unable to work and produce an income. 
  3. Long- Term Care – Approximately 70% of individuals will require the assistance of long-term care, whether that’s in their own home, or in a nursing facility.  With the increasing cost of healthcare, the right long-term care policy can help offset many of those costs and help preserve your assets.
  4. Home and Auto Insurance – Choosing the right policy with the right amount of coverage and deductibles is important so you have the protection you need while you avoid paying for what you don’t need. We can help look at carriers to confirm your home and auto policy is a good fit or provide some options that may put you in a better position.
  5. Medicare Supplements and Advantage Plans – Medicare can be very confusing.  It’s important to understand your options regarding the different plans and benefits offered. We can help.